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Sigurd Peak 04/05/10

Erez on Sigurd Peak:
“A bunch of us woke up early and left Vancouver at 6 am for Sigurd Peak near Squamish. We started hiking at 8:30 and the weather was great (blue skies with almost all the peaks around us visible) albeit a pessimistic forecast. The trail is very steep and well-marked until the junction with the trail heading for the creek. Afterwards, the trail markers begin to thin out, and we made our own way towards the ridge. There is quite a lot of fallen trees on the trail especially after the junction. Snow started at 750 m. The snow was quite soft and snowshoes were needed. Two of us also used crampons. We reached the lesser peak (1600 m), from which it is another 300 m climb to the actual peak, at around 14:30 and decided to call it a day after seeing some ominous clouds heading towards us, and being satisfied with the gorgeous view we already see. We made it back to the car at 20:30. On the way back driving the logging road we saw a small black bear. I was in the area last Thursday and saw another (or the same one?) on the trail itself. All in all, it was a great trip with great company.”


Levette Lake 09/05/09

Chris on the Skyline and Copperbush Trails near Levette Lake:
“Cara, Ivy, Jennifer, Susan, and Tao joined me on a leisurely ramble around the Skyline/Copperbush trails with a sidetrip to Levette Lake. Don’t believe the bad reports for this trail that you might read on the Internet. Granted, if you plan on going in a clockwise direction, the start of the trail is tricky to find and looks a bit overgrown but it’s fine after 100 m – just watch for the painted can lids nailed to trees. The lookouts have grown in a bit (like at Diez Vistas) but the views are still great (Tantalus in your face) and the trail is quiet. Levette Lake is popular and we encountered a large car-camping group up there. Hanging out at the lake is a bit cooler than at the bluffs (like Silver Summit) to the south.”