Technical Problems?

What to do when you are having difficulties…

Unsubscribe, Remove me!
How do I unsubscribe from the list?
I tried to unsubscribe, but it asked me for a password. Can you help?

Answer: Wanderung does not require a password in order for you to unsubscribe, so please ignore that. We use a 3rd party piece of software for the mailing list and customized it as much as possible. Unfortunately the one message we cannot customize is that exact one you mention so we just have to live with the confusion.
Subscription process
How does your subscription process work?

There are two steps to our subscription process and you must complete BOTH steps to get on the list:

  • Step 1. Go to the “Join” page and click on the “join today” button. Scroll to the bottom of the page (be sure to read ALL the text), type in your email address and name and click on the Subscribe button.
  • Step 2: After you click on the Subscribe button, a confirmation message is generated by the server and sent to your email address. Check your email. Once the message arrives, you must scroll down to the bottom of the message (be sure to read ALL the text) and click on the special link, otherwise your email address will not be added to the mailing list. The server will wait 48 hours for you to click this link, otherwise it will cancel your subscription request.

Change subscription email
My email address has changed. How do I update the list with my new email address?

  1. Unsubscribe your old email address from the list.
    Unsubscribe here>
  2. Subscribe with your new email address.
    Resubscribe here>

Confirmation email, Spam
I tried to sign up to the list but did not receive the confirmation email. What should I do?

There could be a few things happening. Check your Spam, Bulk, and Trash folders to see if your spam filter picked it up. You should also try subscribing again, as occasionally people put their name field in the email address field, or mistype their email address. Be patient – it may take several minutes or even several hours for the confirmation message to arrive in your inbox. Please contact with details, if you haven’t received a confirmation message within 48 hours.
I just discovered why I haven’t seen many Wanderung mailings recently. It seems the spam filtering system used automatically by my ISP is flagging Wanderung mailings as spam. Can you help?

Answer: We suggest you get into the habit of checking your SPAM folder more regularly.
Depending on your ISP settings you can set a rule to whitelist specific words (i.e. Wanderung) in the subject.
The subject line of all Wanderung emails contain |Wanderung| (including the vertical lines). Email that you recieve from organizers or participants on trips will not have specific words in the subject line, and will therefore end up in your general inbox.
Note that Wanderung callouts come directly from the email address of the sender. Unfortunately this means you cannot whitelist a single email address for all Wanderung callouts.
Whenever I try and complete my registration I get an error message that says “Bad Confirmation String”. What should I do?

Answer 1: You may have clicked twice on the Subscribe area on the signup page. When ever more than one “subscribe clicks” are sent a new confirmation number is generated, so the old one becomes invalid. If you are not yet receiving messages from the list, we would recommend you do the following: You could try going to the Join page and subscribing again to generate a new confirmation email. And just to make sure, you could add a dash, or number, or something to your name so that when that confirmation email arrives, you know it is the latest one.

Answer 2: Another reason for the Bad Confirmation String message is that the URL for confirming that you want to sign up is very long, and it sometimes gets broken into two lines in the email message. If this happens, you might have to carefully copy and paste the two lines from the email message into your browser address bar to make the URL whole again.

I haven’t been able to click on the confirmation url provided on the bottom of the page. Don’t know if there’s a computer glitch from your end?

Answer: Try cutting and pasting your URL into your browser. If that doesn’t work, please start the subscription process again from the beginning.
When signing up, it said a password would be sent to me, which I could then change. But I didn’t get a password by email, and when I asked for an email reminder, I got an email saying “Wanderung doesn’t require passwords”. What should I do?

Answer: We use a 3rd party piece of software for the mailing list and customized it as much as possible. Unfortunately the one message we cannot customize is that exact one you mention so we just have to live with the confusion. Wanderung does not require a password for any aspect of your subscription so please ignore that.
You say that I do not require a password, yet when I tried to log in without using one, it says “failed”. What is the problem here?

Answer: There is no way to “log in”. The list server only offers two options: subscribe (which you have already done), and unsubscribe. All that is needed for these to two tasks is an email address. The list server does still provide an interface to log in with a password (and also to get a password reminder) however we have long ago disabled those functions. Unfortunately we cannot customize the list server interface to remove the login prompt, and this continues to confuse many people.
Email lag, Callout lag, Previous callouts
Callouts and other list messages are arriving hours/days late to my inbox. Why is this happening?

From time-to-time messages from the Wanderung mailing list are slow to arrive in our subscribers’ in-boxes. This is a rare but frustrating problem that is beyond our control. Our service provider occasionally experiences slow-downs and delays. These situations are corrected fairly quickly (usually within one or two days). If you continue to experience a delay in receiving messages, please wait at least one day, then contact If you have sent a callout to the list and it is slow to be delivered, please DO NOT resend the callout.
I sent a callout to the list but that was several hours ago and I haven’t seen it been delivered yet. What should I do?

Answer: Please DO NOT resend the callout. A four hour delay is very normal for the Wanderung mail server. In fact, a 12 hour delay is not uncommon. So if you encounter any technical difficulties whatsoever (i.e. weird messages, delays, etc.) DO contact with a detailed report. Again, please DO NOT resend the callout.
I just became a list-user and I’d like to find out what hikes are already planned. I’d like to receive the last Call Out email that was sent out. Can you help?

Answer: Unfortunately we cannot send you callouts that crossed the list prior to your joining the list. Only those on the list at the time are eligible to receive such messages.
Not allowed to post…
I tried to send a callout to the list and received the following message “You are not allowed to post to this mailing list, and your message has been automatically rejected…” Can you help?

Answer: The callout was rejected because your email address has not been subscribed to the list. Please double-check that your email address has been successfully subscribed to the list. If you have multiple email addresses (work, home), please check that you used the correct one when you tried to send your callout.