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April 25th, 5:14 pm

Can you hike or snowshoe up the Grouse Grind? ... See MoreSee Less

April 25th, 9:46 am

Hey! Has anyone been along the Sunshine Coast trail recently? I'm hoping to do some day hikes there this weekend, and wondering if anyone has any recommendations or knows how the conditions are right now. Thanks so much! ... See MoreSee Less

April 24th, 11:52 pm

Did anyone go to St Mark's peak or Tunnel Bluff lately? Planning on a hike coming Saturday and was wondering what the conditions are. Snow, ice, etc...
Thank you!
... See MoreSee Less

February 25th, 8:01 pm

Kia Ora people: Having spent a few nights in DOC huts in NZ over the years (www.doc.govt.nz/huts) I was looking for similar places to spend a few quiet nights in BC wilderness. Any ideas where I could find/rent such places/cottages/cabins (other than AirBnB).? Thanks. ... See MoreSee Less